The Warning signs of Drug Use and Alcoholism


The Warning signs of Drug Use and Alcoholism

A large percentage of people in this planet drink alcohol. Most individuals have used drugs some time in his life. When is enough? When does fun and curiosity end? How do you know that what used to be a remedy for stress, a part of partying, and an infrequent cautious recreation has now become a part of your life, much worse, has become your life? TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment has made the push for a lot of individuals who desire to drive back to the life when drugs and alcohol was a rare pastime and not an everyday thing.

TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment provides all the help we can to individuals desiring change and healing. How about you? We are just here whenever you need us. Call for us for emergencies or contact us in the time you feel that enough is enough. Watch out for these warning signs in drug use and drinking:

  • Taking drugs or drinking more than once in a week – most people drink once or twice a week usually only during the weekend or when there are special occasions. If you are drinking more than your classmates, workmates, friends, or family members are, then you are on your way to developing a drinking problem if you do not already have it. The average individual does not take drugs every week as well. Normal functioning individuals fear random drug tests in work places or when they get traffic violations and other circumstances. So if you are taking drugs every week and in more frequency within the week, then it sure is a red flag to addiction.
  • Physical manifestations – consistent cigarette smoking cause discoloration to your teeth and of course causes you bad breath. Frequent drug use can make your skin dry and your eyes red. Some drugs can induce or reduce appetite. Either way, you can experience dramatic weight loss or weight gain. If you notice these changes in your skin, mouth, eyes, and other body parts, you should know that you have had more than your body can normally take.
  • Behavioral changes – substance abusers may experience irritability, absent mindedness, difficulty in concentration, inattention, loss of appetite, reverse of extraversion, and many other psychological alterations. When you realize that your actions, language, and dealings with other people especially of family and friends have changed, then you better have it looked before it worsens unpredictably and uncontrollably.
  • Financial discrepancy – not all drug users and alcoholics are middle class to lower class people who run to monetary problems whenever substance use goes out of hand. Of course there are wealthy substance abusers as well. However rich, poor, or average, extreme drug use and excessive drinking creates disproportionate spending of money. More likely, drugs and alcohol would take most of the person’s financial capacity and beyond. Whether you are young, aged, or handicapped, TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment is here to help.
  • Relationship problems – among the most sensitive and saddest warning signs of addiction is when it affects one’s relationships with parents, children, romantic partners, and friends. If your excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs has hurt people then maybe you should start thinking about what matters more to you. Loved ones want the best for you. Reciprocate their love or at least spare them from pain.

Warning signs are not always a bad thing. You can be thankful that you have noticed it even before it got worse. You have TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment to help take you fully back to normalcy and happy life.

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