The Intervention Process – Planning with Experts


The Intervention Process Planning with Experts

Intervention Services

The Intervention Process is a crucial step to begin your treatment and recovery. It needs careful
planning so that the process will be effective. If you have a friend, a family member, a parent or
your own spouse who needs to be told that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, your way
or approaching can make or break the success of the intervention.

We encourage you to talk to experts or consult counselors from your community or drug
addiction prevention agencies. You can get valuable information on how to go about the
intervention process.

The following is the process in preparing for the Intervention:

  1. Planning
  2. Planning on what to do is the most important step where we begin deciding what is best for your loved one’s rehabilitation needs.
    You will be guided through experts in the Addiction Recovery Services.

    1. Information gathering
      We gather the patients’ basic information and medical history to be aware of the dangers they might experience.
      In this way, we may be able to prevent circumstances that will worsen the rehabilitation process.
      We only consider what is best for our patients and what needs to be done.
    2. Consolidating an intervention team
      An intervention team does not need to consist of a whole community of bodybuilding men and women to do the intervention process.
      The intervention team can compose of any or even all of the following:
    • Family members
    • Pet
    • Friends
    • Intervention expert (The most important member of the intervention team.)
  3. Preparing
  4. In our preparation stage, we inform the intervention team of what they need to do to aid in the rehabilitation. Questions, comments, concerns will be entertained.

  5. Actual Intervening
  6. Note Taking
  7. problems of the intervening procedures. They will then consult the intervention experts to address these problems.

  8. Following up
  9. The intervention process will be followed up by experts and they will assess or re-affirm the process to help the addict with whatever he needs.

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