Root of the Problem: Why Do People Do Drugs and/or Drink Alcohol?


addiction treatment servicesBefore we go on a noble cause and convert all addicts, let us first enlighten ourselves why people get hooked in these kinds of vices. Drugs and alcohol distorts brain patterns and can distort a person’s rational and logical thinking. Truth is; most addicts just use these addictions just to escape harsh realities that they cannot face. But then again, is this the only reason why addiction treatment services are established in the first place? Addiction treatment services can help people on different kinds of addiction they are in but let us go around and see why they are using drugs and alcohol in the first place.

  • Escape from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and many other mental illnesses
    Drugs and alcohol numbs the senses of the person consuming it. They give the feeling that things are back to normal once they high or drunk
  • Peer pressure, chosen role models, celebrities and even family members use drugs and drink alcohol
    Acceptance in a group of friends is something we want to experience. But if this group of friends frequently drinks alcoholic beverages it will be a big problem. Celebrities online may post pictures of themselves indulging in drugs or alcohol and their fans may want to experience the same thing with their favorite idol. Worse case is that their own family may be the one who is in to drugs or alcohol; in this case, it is safe to say that the whole family may need intervention and treatment.
  • Sheer boredom and curiosity
    When boredom and curiosity is the root in the start of drug usage or alcohol consumption, it may give a very alarming result. Most first time users that experience their first ‘high’ will ultimately want to experience it again.
  • Thought that over the counter drugs are okay to consume
    “Hey, this drug can be bought without prescription, it only means it is safe to use,” that is a thought that most drug users think. Only thorough education can solve many misconceptions of many people.
  • Hooked to the prescribed drugs
    The addict may have first started with a drug that was prescribed to them right after they were treated in some kind of injury or sickness. They have become drug dependent and they would really need intervention and treatment right away.
  • Cover up painful experiences and traumas
    Children who have had traumatic experiences may carry the pain and fear until their adulthood. Most of these children turn to drugs to forget painful memories; others drown away their trauma with alcohol. People under this kind of escape may need not only drug and alcohol rehabilitation but also constant counseling and visits to a psychologist.

Many people who use drugs and consume high amounts of alcohol are damaged mentally, socially and emotionally; others, just do it for fun. Whatever might be their reason in indulging themselves in such horrible vices; these people need executive drug intervention. They will be able to start over with the help of their family and their friends; but then the change should start within them. If they are able to accept themselves as addicts, then they should be able to openly submit themselves into executive drug intervention in a rehab facility that cares not only for physical cleansing of drug and alcohol but also mend their lives by helping them cope with the root of the problem; how they began using alcohol and drugs.

TPT CENTER EXECUTIVE DRUG & ALCOHOL TREATMENT is the rehab center that will be able to help drug and alcohol dependent people to break free from the bond of addiction.

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