Finding Meaning in Drug Addiction and Alcoholism


Finding Meaning in Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Are individuals who go through substance abuse lost? Are you at all hopeless of changes and new beginnings? Is drug addiction, alcoholism, and everything that comes along with it your final and only destination?

If you let it be the last thing that happens to you or to your loved one, then yes, addiction becomes your life. But if you decide to step in and take action, then it becomes just a phase – a journey filled with life lessons, awakening, and reason. You choose your fate. At the ending of your substance dependence comes the beginning of a promising future. Take a pick now between the path to continuous drug addiction and the bright lane to joyous and clean life. TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment, through our rehab services will help carry you to the beautiful life you greatly deserve. Our invitation aboard the expedition to recovery is open to all ages and circumstance.

There are myriad reasons people become addicted to different forms of drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, and even nicotine and alcohol. A few start off as curiosity – taking drugs with friends and ultimately finding themselves taking more frequently than others. Others resort to it during stressful and problematic times like finals for college students, pressure in workplaces, problems in marriages and families, and the like. Some individuals are more exposed to it thus more vulnerable to try them and could get readily get dependent. Although the causes of drug addiction and alcoholism are varied, their impacts to one’s life are the same. Most likely, substance abuse affects one’s physical, psychological, psychosocial, spiritual, and financial aspects in life. Whether they come from a middle class family, an upper middle class one, or the more disadvantaged ones, drugs ruin its users the same awful way. However, so long as the individual realizes the grip drugs has on him and chooses to be let go, this terrible experience becomes nothing but something to be looked back and smiled upon. If you strongly decide change and resort help from professionals, you will achieve that honorable desire.

How can you find meaning in possibly one of the worst things in the world – drug addiction? How can it become an inspiration? Here are a few lessons you can learn from substance dependence:

  • Never be judgmental – drug dependence, smoking, alcoholism, and all other forms of addiction have stigmas in our society. It is apparently frowned upon. And hopefully it is just the action that is cursed but not its victims. Most individuals jump to the conclusion that drug addicts and alcoholics are terrible individuals. They do not take time to understand what could have caused it. So you, being a changed person who used to be dependent on drugs (soon) have a fair judgment and compassionate understanding to substance abusers. You know they have their reasons and that they are also struggling to get away from the addiction.
  • There is always hope. Along substance abuse comes depression, doubt, distrust, and possibly low self esteem. These feelings fuel the need to take more drugs and to just never stop. Drugs and alcohol however do not make this sentiments go away. Vice versa, drugs and negative thinking set each other off. However, you know that no matter how restricting and impossible circumstances seem, there is always hope. You can use this positive thinking all throughout your life and for all the other bumps ahead. You can also advice your friends with it, that whenever they drown under problems, their unyielding struggles will bring them out the surface.
  • Think of others. One honest thing about substance abuse is that the person becomes absorbed all of his feelings and problems. Although it is true that the worst situations could influence the taking of drugs and excessive drinking like death of loved ones, loss of career, chaotic family situation, romantic break ups, divorces, marriage failures, irresponsible or uncaring parents, etc, it is also true that the person loses sight and sensitivity to everyone else around him. He becomes focused of his sufferings and forgets that people are also hurt physically and emotionally due to what he has become. So take a step back and see the people around you – friends, parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, and innocent people. Does not your addiction tear your loved ones’ hearts apart? Does not your alcoholism threaten the safety of mothers, youth, and children? Let us help you.

There is so much you can learn from drug addiction. It doesn’t mean that those who have not experienced it should go through it in order to gain valuable life learning. The first lesson in drug addiction is to never be dependent in the first place. Drug addicts and alcoholics would suggest you that. So, decide on your life’s fate. Escape the entrapment of these chemicals. You are bigger and more powerful than them. Be in charge and spread the news.

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