Our Philosophy

Our Rehab Philosophy at TPT Center in California

You are not your disease

This sounds simple and logical, doesn’t it? Sadly, many addiction recovery programs focus on treating the symptoms of chemical dependency, while virtually ignoring the person who exhibits those symptoms. We don’t treat our clients that way, and we don’t think it’s right or fair to do so. Just as a doctor would assess you comprehensively to determine what your symptoms mean, we believe in a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. There is a reason people abuse drugs or alcohol-an underlying cause and without identifying and dealing with this cause (or causes), the addict’s potential for long-term recovery is slim, at best.

At TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Orange County, California, we believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a powerful, disabling disease. TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment is a powerful experience of sobriety, understanding and change. Our mission is to offer each client the opportunity and direction to walk a path toward freedom from active addiction and transformation in their lives through drug rehab programs and addiction recovery.

At TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment, our passion is, simply you. We believe that true addiction recovery occurs on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, which does not occur overnight. We recognize the value of every person and our mission is to restore you and your families hope. We feel strongly about helping people overcome their drug or alcohol addictions in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is to help you get sober, stay sober, and restoring your hope in yourself and your future.

Drug rehab at TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment uses the 12 Step model as the basis of its treatment approach, but complements this core with other modalities that address the client’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual condition, with the goal of bringing the underlying (causal) issues to light. Once identified our clients are immersed in a exclusive therapeutic environment modified for the client and these issues are then dealt with through counseling, peer group support, developing positive coping strategies, enhancing self-awareness and medication management (when necessary). We believe that addiction is a clinically diagnosed illness – and that true freedom from this disease comes from complete sobriety and relearning how to live life on life’s terms.

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