Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab FAQ

We understand that to many, the process of locating and beginning a substance abuse treatment program can be a new and somewhat daunting experience. Let us assure you that our #1 concern is your well being as it pertains to long-term recovery success. The frequently asked questions and answers below address a variety of common questions posed by clients and/or their loved ones about drug and alcohol rehab for adults.

Should any other questions arise, we invite you to contact our staff 24/7 at 949-446-1737 or through our confidential online contact form.

– Who can benefit and is eligible for our addiction treatment services??

Our drug & alcohol rehab programs is designed for adults (over 18) who have a history of alcohol or other substance abuse. We also offer medically managed detox. To participate in our program, clients must be able to function independently in our residential environment.

 – How long does a treatment program last at TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

We firmly believe that drug and alcohol rehab for adults can’t happen on a timetable. Each client’s program is tailored to his or her individual needs, based on the severity of their condition upon admission. While we encourage our clients to progress as quickly as they are able, we focus on assuring a firm foundation for long-term recovery, believing this to be a better measure of progress than any randomly chosen number of days on a calendar.

 – Will health insurance cover the costs associated with residential or outpatient addiction treatment?

TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment of Orange County, CA currently does not accept any form of insurance. Why? First, this ensures the complete confidentiality of our clients. Second, it allows us to structure a personalized program based on the client’s needs, rather than a third party’s predetermination. Because the individual’s treatment plan is developed by a team of clinical specialists, our clients receive drug and alcohol rehab for adults needed and ultimately, achieve better outcomes.

In the ever-changing world of medical insurance coverage, it is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies not to cover residential treatment, regardless of the treatment provider.

– What is the program of treatment at TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

Immediately after a client is admitted, he or she meets with a clinician to participate in designing and individualized treatment program. This program has two primary objectives: achieving long-term recovery and becoming prepared for re-entry into normal living routines. Clients participate in therapeutic activities every weekday, under the guidance of their primary counselor. These activities include group and individual therapy, and attending daily 12 Step meetings.

Clients live in a very comfortable home-like setting, and function together as a household. This means clients will participate in meal preparation, shopping and other responsibilities in support of the household.

While recovery involves hard work, commitment and daily challenges, we encourage them to enjoy themselves and re-learn what it’s like to “have fun” again. Additionally, our facility is ideally located in South Orange County, CA and offers a world of wonderful activities within close proximity.

 – What should a client bring when entering any of our treatment programs?

Clients may bring personal clothing (appropriate to the therapeutic setting), including casual attire, beachwear and “dress casual” clothes. Personal toiletries are also allowed (although none may contain alcohol), as well as other items that will contribute to the client’s comfort during his or her stay.

No pets are allowed, and clients’ personal vehicles cannot be brought to TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment.

The most important item a client can bring is an open mind. We have developed an outstanding treatment program that can be the start of a new life for our clients, and we want them to be prepared to take advantage of everything we can offer.

 – If a new client currently takes prescribed medications (for anxiety, depression or other conditions), how will that process be handled?

We value the role medications can play in helping clients achieve successful and lasting recovery, and better quality of life. After receiving confirmation and approval by the client’s prescribing physician, A staff from TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment will supervise the client’s self-administration of any appropriate medications.

 – How can I receive further information about this program?

We invite you to call us with any questions you may have. To request a brochure, check on admission availability or to plan an intervention, call 949-446-1737 or utilize our confidential online contact form.

– What has to happen before I (or a friend or family member) can be admitted to TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

Prior to admission, prospective clients must be assessed by a member of our staff for eligibility for drug and alcohol rehab for adults. This can be completed over the phone, if necessary.

– I’m considering planning a substance abuse intervention. Can TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment help in this regard?

Most definitely. TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment can provide family or employee interventions, facilitated by a licensed professional interventionist. These drug and alcohol rehab for adults services are available nationwide and can be the precursor to residential treatment at our Mission Viejo facility.