About Us

About Drug Treatment at TPT Center Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Orange County, California is among the single most populated regions worldwide for rehabilitation homes and transitional housing resources. From affordable to upscale and even luxury residences; from low to mid to highly structured rehab programs, the array of services, options and prices are virtually endless! So what sets our California drug treatment facility apart from all the rest?

At TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment, clients find a place of acceptance, tolerance, direction and love from the moment they enter our one-of-a-kind recovery residence where we foster overcoming drug addiction!

Whether they are just starting their new life of sobriety or transitioning out of residential treatment and in search of the perfect rehabilitation program in which to continue building their foundation in sobriety, the proactive and joyous existence experienced by our residents is truly special. We use a twelve step social model program for overcoming drug addiction.

Our upscale California drug treatment facility is designed to promote a careful balance between core recovery and life’s reentry components such as; work, school, family and so on.

THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL HUMDRUM ADDICTION REHABILIATION HOME AS COMMONLY SEEN HERE IN ORANGE COUNTY, CA. Aside from offering an upscale & structured environment for men & women, our program also includes the following services for overcoming drug addiction:

  • Experienced onsite management presence
  • A well balanced course of freedom vs. structure
  • Random onsite drug and alcohol screening
  • Daily curfews and responsibilities
  • Close proximity to a variety of 12-step recovery groups
  • Near public transportation, shopping, restaurants, employment opportunities and more…
  • A comfortable, clean, upscale and safe family-type environment
  • ADDED SERVICES AVAILABLE: outpatient treatment, mental health service providers, assisted medical detox, sober coaching, life coaching, transportation, etc.
  • Cable television, wireless internet, washer/dryer, well kept & comfortable common areas, enclosed backyard w/ bbq, Jacuzzi, parking, quiet residential community and more…
  • A strong alumni community that encourages “fun in recovery”

Very few recovery homes or California drug treatment facilities here in Orange County, or anywhere for that matter, are equipped to provide varied levels of care. While one resident might choose to come here after a 90-stay in residential treatment and may require nothing more than a guided sober environment, another may need a higher level of care due to any number of reasons. As such, we are very well tied in within a broad local network of added clinical treatment providers.

Maybe you need a 3-day a week outpatient program, or a life coach to help you integrate job search or schooling within your new sober lifestyle, or family therapy in order to help resolve some core underlying issues…TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment has these resources available at our fingertips! Even better is the fact that we only work with Southern California’s most highly regarded services; we will never agree to short-change your recovery process for overcoming drug addiction.