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TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment

TPT Center Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment: A Drug Rehab Center in California

Why are some drug and alcohol treatment centers more successful than others? Why do some drug rehab centers charge astronomical rates while others do not? There are many answers to these questions…but most importantly, how do we make this experience the LAST TIME that you or your loved is in need of finding a drug treatment center or alcoholism treatment facility?
TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol TreatmentTPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment has many years of formal and practical experience within all facets of substance abuse and mental health disorders. We have seen firsthand the horrors of active addiction and the joy of recovery! We know the family’s pain, the loss of freedom, the ruined careers and loss of trust, the constant relapses, the seemingly endless trips to yet one more drug rehab center and so much more… So let’s make this time a long-term success! We specialize in continuous recovery and rapid detox programs.
Our Mission
Our mission at TPT Center Executive Drug & Alcohol Treatment is to provide a safe, nurturing, healing environment in which chemically dependent and substance abuse individuals and their families discover a better quality of life.